The Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association Limited

Exhibitor Manual

If you have any problems downloading this information, please email or telephone 02 9918 3661.

Note that viewing PDF documents requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Most forms can only be printed off for hand completion and faxing/emailing. On some forms there are allowances for such things as electrical work and space in the exhibition magazine. These allowances do not appear on the downloadable forms, but appear in the hard copy manual provided to exhibitors.

The Catalogue Listing Form can be completed on line, but can also be printed and completed by hand or from the hard copy manual.

Exhibitor name badges can only be ordered on line.

Order Forms

Please print, complete, and fax/email these forms to the contact details indicated on each page. The deadlines are available in the Exhibitor Manual.

Venue Services

Account form must be submitted with any of the other 4 forms.

Online Order Forms

The two recommended furniture suppliers for AWISA 2012 are Exponet and Morgan Expo Hire.

Other information