Next AWISA exhibition to take place in July 2022

In March 2020, the Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association announced that the AWISA 2020 exhibition that was to take place in July 2020 was being postponed. This was for all the now very obvious reasons. At the time of making this decision AWISA was considering moving the dates to early 2021.

AWISA is one of the largest bookings at ICC Sydney, occupying all the exhibition halls, most of them for 15 days. It has proved difficult to find a vacant space of this size early in 2021 that did not clash with other woodworking exhibitions around the world. Indeed, some of these events were also being postponed and it was clear that AWISA could have made a decision on dates to then find that a northern hemisphere show was promoting dates that clashed. Mid 2021 was also impossible with the two major German trade shows, Ligna and Interzum taking place in May 2021.

The AWISA board has therefore decided to delay the next AWISA exhibition until the dates that were already booked at ICC Sydney for AWISA 2022.

“We are pleased to announce that AWISA 2022 will take place at ICC Sydney from 6-9 July 2022,” said AWISA chairman, Brett Ambrose. “Obviously we all continue to be bitterly disappointed not to be running an exhibition in 2020. Some people were a little surprised when we made our postponement decision as early as the beginning of March. However, it was the right decision at the time, and regrettably it has proved over the last two months to have definitely been the correct decision.”

“We now look forward to presenting another world class trade show in 2022. The four years between AWISA 2018 and AWISA 2022 will make the show an even more important event to visit with four years of technology change on display by machinery exhibitors, and four years of new products being on display by hardware, fittings and decorative product manufacturers. Also, it is sure to be time for the industry to get together and entertain clients in the style for which AWISA exhibitions are well known,” he said.

More details will be available early in 2021.