Update on AWISA 2024

To the Industry,

The AWISA Board are disappointed to advise that the AWISA Exhibition planned for July 2024 has been cancelled.

This position was reached over the last few weeks when the majority of the large machinery exhibitors withdrew from the show. These machinery companies represent a large and important part of the exhibition footprint, attracting many attendees to the show to negotiate and buy new equipment. The AWISA Board met to discuss this matter and reached the view that the only option was to cancel the show.

The primary reason these companies have withdrawn from the show is the ongoing uncertainty around getting approval for the requirements needed to fix and operate their large and heavy woodworking machines. As this uncertainty remained unresolved in August, the machinery exhibitors, who needed to order machinery and displays now for the July 2024 show, were left with no option but to withdraw. Their decisions have been clear and resolute.

Our view is that the AWISA show, in its current format, is dependent on the participation of the large machinery companies and the processes for the safe display and operation of the advanced machinery entering our market needs to be worked through before the exhibition can move forward. The excitement and anticipation from the whole industry towards the AWISA 2024 show was very pleasing and made this decision a difficult one to make.

As to the future, the AWISA Board is of the view that that there is a need for an Australian-based trade show for the industry. The Board is scheduled to meet to consider this matter over the coming months, but we expect any final decision regarding the future of the show will take some time to resolve as we will need to seek input from our members and the industry. We will be in touch in this regard.

Kind Regards,